Pfizer Sues US Department of Health and Human Services

Reuters 6/26/19 (Jonathan Stempel)


The drug maker is asking the courts to intervene in its effort to provide financial assistance to Medicare patients afford two of its very expensive drugs, Vindaqel and Vindamax  ( also known as Tafamidis). The two are used for treatment of transthyretin amyloid cardiomyopathy, a rare heart disorder at an annual cost of $225,000 for treatment.

The drug maker argues that the office of the US HHS is blocking this assistance as it views such assistance as an illegal kickback.

It will be recalled that Pfizer has come under criticism for the prizing of this drug . A study in February from the American Heart Association said tafamidis was the most expensive cardiovascular drug launched in the United States, and its long-term cost effectiveness was "uncertain." Read More.