ReMDAS Pilot

ReMDAS Pilot

Objective: To sustain and protect patient access to primary care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Period: During the COVID-19 outbreak.

Implementation date: March 23rd,  2020

Patient Target: All population, Irvington, Essex County, New Jersey and surrounding entities 

Provider Target: Provider of care, physicians, nurse practitioners, therapists and counselors, single and group practices 

Diseases: All cases, COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 primary encounters.


Telemedicine Tools: 

  • Primary:  ReMDAS telemedicine platform. 
  • Backup: Doximity Video platform 

Process: Physician services, primary care. Real-time interactive audiovisual engagement for triage, evaluation and management, treatment and/or referral.

Time Allocation: 15 - 40 minutes.

Follow up: Real-time audiovisual or Telephone call back.